Fat Burning Heart Rate

Fitness professionals and people looking to get in shape often talk about fat burning heartbeat. For people looking to lose weight, beating a fat burning heartbeat may seem like a great idea.

While there may be evidence that this method primarily burns fat, there are other factors that a person should consider when exercising.

Read on for more information on fat burning heartbeat and whether it is useful for weight loss.

A person’s heartbeat is often a good indication of the intensity of the exercise or activity they are doing.

When sitting or lying down, a person’s heart rate is usually 60-100 beats per minute. This rate is the rate of a person’s relaxed heart.

When a person exercises, his heart rate starts to increase. A person’s maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate a person can safely achieve, often during high intensity exercises.

Most people who work out at this intensity will have less exercise because it is harder to maintain.

Fat burning heart rate is estimated to be between these two extremes. When a person is beating their fat burning heartbeat, their body is burning more stored fat than sugar and other carbohydrates.

As a result, people often focus on reaching the fat burning zone when they exercise to burn the maximum amount of fat.

Chart and How to Calculate Fat Burning Heart Rate

There is an equation for determining a person’s maximum heart rate and fat burning heart rate. Fat burning heart rate is based on maximum heart rate.

It is important to note that these equations are not suitable for determining safe heart rates for children.

To calculate the maximum heart rate, a person should reduce their current age by 220. For example, a 40 year old would have a maximum heart rate of 180 beats per minute.

To calculate the fat burning heart rate zone, a person should determine the upper and lower boundaries. The upper limit is 70% of the maximum heart rate. The lower limit is about 50% of the maximum heart rate.

Using the same example, a 40-year-old’s fat burning heart rate is between 90 (180 50 50 ٪) and 126 (180 70 70 ٪) per minute.

People who are interested in increasing their endurance and cardiovascular strength often train at higher levels. Sometimes called the cardio zone, people who train to increase performance often train at 70-85% of their maximum heart rate.

The following chart shows the heartbeat disorder based on a person’s age.

Fat Bearning Chart

Is it Effective?

There is some good in the fat burning heart rate zone, but it is limited, and some people can count on it too much. The idea of ​​a fat burning heart rate zone is based on how the body burns fuel while exercising.

In general, the higher the heart rate, the more fat the body burns compared to other sources of calories, such as carbohydrates.

This has led many to believe that hitting and staying in the fat burning heart rate zone is the best way to burn fat and lose weight. However, the reality is more complicated.

According to an old 2009 study, the maximum heart rate for burning fat is actually between 60.2% and 80%.

The authors also found that these “zones” of the heartbeat significantly overlapped, and as long as they were exercising, people could get similar results from any heartbeat.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) warns against relying too heavily on fat burning heart rate. The ACE states that it is not accurate to calculate the maximum heart rate on the basis of 220, as there are many factors that determine a person’s fitness level, rather than just age.

He suggests that a person should work with a fitness trainer to help determine his or her exercise skills.

A person should always speak to a doctor before starting a new exercise program. A doctor or other healthcare provider can recommend healthy heart rate levels and other tips for people who are looking to lose weight.

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